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Acne affects many people; in fact just about everyone gets some form of acne at some point in their lives. Nobody wants to suffer with acne; it can make them feel less confident about themselves. Acne will usually affect a person’s face, neck, back, shoulders, upper arms and chest.

Three Types of Acne - Mild

Essentially there are three types of acne and they are classified as mild, moderate and severe. All of them will need to be treated so as to prevent a worsening infection. Most of the time if you can catch the acne whilst they are in the mild stage you can treat them by simply washing your face or the affected body area with luke warm water. After which you will need to apply a topical cream which you can purchase over the counter at your local pharmacy, these creams will include Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide.

Three Types of Acne - Moderate

If the acne is at a moderate level then it is best that you see a professional. Moderate acne is when the spots are over half of your face or body area. This can quickly develop into severe acne so you must take action now. The dermatologist will prescribe some medications that will help you to battle the moderate acne; they will probably give you an oral medicine or a topical one. Some people opt for the blue light therapy to fight against this type of acne as well.

Three Types of Acne - Severe

This is of course the most terrible type of acne as it is on well over half of your face or body area. This type of acne will more often than not leave you with rather deep, noticeable scars. The acne will look very inflamed and that can cause the person pain when smiling. It is imperative that you see a professional straight away so they can put you on a course of medication to help battle the acne.

Treatment Options

Benzoyl Peroxide can help to reduce the acne and it can be found in your local drug store. You can choose from a range of strengths which will help to unblock the pores. It is a good option for those who suffer with mild to moderate acne. Retonoid is a topical treatment which will help with the majority of acne cases. This is also an over the counter option. Prescribed medicines such as Tretinoin, Accutane and Menocyline are the best options in helping to combat and fight acne.

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