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Having acne can completely destroy a person’s self esteem. Acne will usually start to show on the face, neck, shoulders, upper arms and back areas and it will begin when a person is in their early teen years. It can affect both teenagers as well as adults. There are three types of acne, they are named mild, moderate, and severe, and a person with acne is basically in one of these categories depending on the severity of their acne.

Natural Treatments for Acne Facts

Many dermatologists are now advising the use of natural acne treatments because they believe they are the best acne treatment plan to start with. The simple reason being is that they have the better results in comparison to typical medications. The chemical treatments can more often than not disturb the good bacteria on the skin causing other side effects and problems. Research has shown that by eating a balanced nutritious diet will suffice in the treatment of acne for around seventy percent of the sufferers.

Natural Treatments for Acne- Washing

Use a proven natural acne soap to wash yourself with. Make sure the soap you choose has been made for the purpose of treating acne. It should have in it essential oils that are antibacterial as well, it should have Aveena Sativa which is a natural exfoliant. You should wash in the morning and then in the evening. Try not to over wash your face because this will make your sebaceous glands produce more sebum which is the root cause of most acne cases.

Natural Treatments for Acne- Food

Acne is created by the clogging of the pores on the skin because there is too much sebum being produced. If you can start to eat a healthier, more balanced diet you will give aid to the good bacteria thus helping them to battle against the bad bacteria that are on the skin.

Natural Treatments for Acne- Mistakes

Once you are on a recommended acne treatment program you need to remember to follow a few certain rules a swell. Such rules are avoid squeezing at all costs. If you choose to squeeze, pick rub or even touch those blackheads and pimples you are helping the bad bacteria to spread causing a further outbreak. Try not to allow your hair to drop over and touch your face as well as it is more than likely dirty. Avoid putting on too much make up if you can as this will only block the pores.

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