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Hysterectomy Characteristics

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure which involves the removal of the uterus as well as the womb or cervix if needed. This surgical intervention takes place due to certain anomalies present in the previously mentioned areas. Some of these may be cancer, tumors, some kind of abnormal growth of certain parts of organs located in this area etc. All in all, it is a serious procedure, and its recovery period is a longer one since, besides physical problems, hormonal imbalances may be triggered by it. Thus, many women are questioning whether they should do exercises during the recovery period or not. For these reasons, this article will shed light upon the subject and explain how specific physical activities may help you recover after hysterectomy. Exercising will result in a faster regeneration of your organism. Also, it will reduce all the side-effects like mood swings, sleep deficiency or chances of infections and muscular problems.

The Exercise Program

As with any type of physical activity, warming up and stretching beforehand is crucial. Thus, you are advised to relax your arms and legs, slowly move your neck in all directions, lifting your chin and holding it up for several seconds. Also, you may lie down on a flat surface, like a bed, and press your hands against the mat, while keeping them above your head. This small ritual will be an excellent introduction for the activities to come.

The first exercise may involve lying on a mat with a pillow under your head. Once in such a position, you are to bend your legs at the knees and, while supporting yourself with your lower back and arms on the mat, slowly raise your lower body from the surface, wait for several seconds and then return to the initial position.

Secondly, while lying down, cross your arms over your abdomen and press them as you try to lift your chin and, thereby, touch your chest with it. After achieving this, return to the initial position.

While holding your tummy the same way and having your legs bent in the knees, rotate to the left and the right interchangeably, guiding the motion with both of your knees.

Alternatively, while lying on your floor and having your legs bent and wide apart, try to reanimate the muscular movements you perform while holding bladder and bowel movement interchangeably.

Also, while lying down with bent knees and keeping your abs tight raise your upper body so as to touch or see the bent legs. Once you reach your goal, hold your body in such a position for several seconds.

You might also try standing on your arms and knees and practicing breathing. While, exhaling keep your muscles relaxed but tighten them during the inhaling process. Once you inhale, hold your muscles tight for a few seconds.

Finally, having one leg bent and the other straight, tighten your tummy muscles and then retract the other leg as well. After doing this, do the opposite, involving the other leg.

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