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Hip pain is very common among men and women and it can be caused by different processes happening in the muscles or other tissues of or around the hip. Depending on the location of pain, people may complain about frontal hip pain, pain in the buttock area or somewhere along the outer side of the hip. Muscles of the hip enable its movement in different directions and provide stability of this joint as well, while bursae sacks help gliding of muscles and tendons. For these reasons, problems with hip muscles or inflammation of hip tendons or bursae may be responsible for pain in the hips.

Common Causes of Hip Muscle Pain

As mentioned, in some cases muscle problems may be felt as hip pain. This is especially found to be true for different muscle strains, pulls or some other injuries and all these problems may be a source of pain. Additionally, muscle strain and hip muscle pain may also be provoked by wrong lifting of some heavy object, groin or hamstring pulls and in some cases muscle tightness.

Inflamed tendons of bursae sacks of the hip joint, conditions known as tendonitis and bursitis, can also cause pain located in the hip muscles. Dancers and athletes are prone to these injuries more frequently than any other group of people because of repetitive strenuous movements they perform. Bursitis is most commonly described as anterior hip pain, but defects of the abdominal wall are also known to cause similar problems. A fracture of the hip bone may be another cause of hip muscle pain.

Additionally, conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and sciatica or Perthes disease may offer explanation for hip pain as well. Arthritis hip pain often affects elderly, especially while walking or after running. Many patients suffering from osteoporosis also complain about hip muscle pains. This type of pain can be in a form of sciatica pain, starting in the lower back and then moving to the hip. Perthes disease is characterized by pain in both hips, caused by softening and breaking of the topmost parts of the thigh bones in both legs. This disease is found to mostly affect children.

How to Relieve Hip Muscle Pain?

Proper hip pain exercises can relieve pain in the hip if performed under careful supervision of a professional trainer. Yoga and some stretching exercises combined with this physical therapy are also beneficial for such patients.

Proper posture can additionally relieve hip pain, as well as loss of excess weight. Patients suffering from hip muscle pain will also benefit from different massages, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, homeopathy and some other therapies. Surgical procedures are usually last methods to resolve hip muscle pain.

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