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Christmas, Thanksgiving and other such festivities are wonderful since these promote love, family values, friendship and good times. However, there is quite a common side-effect of these events – weight gain. Namely, during these holidays we tend to eat large and heavy meals, enjoying every second of this action. Then, once the party is over and the thrill is gone, we give ourselves an oath. We promise that we will lose the extra pounds we have accumulated over the last couple of weeks. These promises are commonly referred to as resolutions. Then, we start searching for quick fixes.

The Quick Fix

Wrist and ankle weights came like a blast from the past. These items were extremely popular in the 1980s and are obviously getting back since they can be found in all workout equipment and sport stores around us.

Basically, these items promise to help you lose weight without actually working out, burning all those extra calories which put weight on your body and your conscience. However, their effectiveness needs to be put on a trial and the following lines will do that for you, so read on.

Wrist and Ankle Weights vs. Your Body Weight

Considering the weights which can be put under your clothes, weighted sleeves are one of your possible options, developed by a professional obesity prevention physician. You are supposed to wear these on your lower arms and legs. Weighing about 7 pounds, these are meant to increase your body weight, making you burn calories as you walk and perform your common daily activities.

A pair of these items will cost you about $70. Moreover, their designers claim that wearing weighted sleeves for 10 hours will equal a 3.2km running session. However, wearing weights for 10 hours every day may turn out to be much harder than running the above mentioned course. Additionally, many people who tried this weight-loss alternative claim it to be quite pestering and exhausting.

Moving on to wrist and ankle weights, which have become a fashion statement too. Matching your outfits, you can wear these whenever and wherever, burning calories and making muscles. Of course, you will need to pay about $25 for each pair.

However, these weights are too light and ½ of a pound is simply not enough for a significant weight loss, even though some people claim that they have achieved remarkable results.

Finally, these weights may help or may prove to be useless in your case. At the end of the day, you will have to break a sweat in order to make a change.

Therefore, you are advised to find a good workout plan and back it up with a healthy diet. Keep in mind that you will never lose weight if you lead a sedentary life. Thus, get out and make the change you desire through some good physical workout, with or without your wrist and ankle weights.

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