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Definition and description of the infection

Scabies belongs to the group of the parasitic skin disorders which is very widespread, and which could be additionally, easily passed on to the other individuals. It is the condition which is provoked by the settlement of the mite on the skin and by their multiplication, which results in the apparition of the tiny holes (that resemble the common rash) on the surface of the skin, which are accompanied by rather intense itch.

This condition is also characterized by advancing very fast and that is why one should undergo the effective treatment right away after these described changes on the skin are noticed. At this point, it is essentially important to realize that no homemade remedy is successful in getting rid of the scabies. And, the sooner this fact is accepted, the higher are the chances for healing completely the infection, by the more effective conventional treatment. That is mostly because this condition is very stubborn, especially in the advanced stages, when the mites already placed their eggs into the mentioned tiny holes in the skin.

So, the most prominent symptom is the itch, and it is triggered by the nature of these parasites, that is, by their characteristic of sucking the blood from the host. More precisely, the intense itch is, in fact, the natural allergic bodily response of the organism to these intruders and to their excrement.

Additionally, the most usually affected areas are the ones of the genital organs, nipples, the seat of the body and all the places where the skin is bent, such as between the legs, fingers, the inside part of the elbow, on the armpit, and so on. However, the problem is that in the newborns, the condition is often extended over the other parts of the body, like the scalp, the under-surface of the feet, and over the facial skin.

Also, it should be pointed out that the greatest misconception is that these mites can be passed on from the animals. In fact, they can only live by drinking the human blood.

The natural treatment

Nevertheless, fortunately, there is still one effective treatment based on the beneficial natural ingredients which is also very popular for dealing with scabies. So, this naturally based remedy is available in the pharmacies and it is called Dermisil, and it is, actually, focused on boosting the immunity and hence removing the mites and their eggs.

And, it is important to remember that all the family of the affected individual should undergo the therapy with this remedy and this treatment should be followed until all the eggs from mites are removed.

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