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Woman should prepare at least 2 months before an IVF cycle: she should detox, resulting in cleaning toxins from her body, and in case of being overweight or obese, woman could get rid of some excess weight. Detoxification diets are not only advisable before IVF but also between the cycles. Detoxification diet includes elimination of coffee, alcohol, medications, smoking and avoiding smoky atmospheres.

Studies show both smoking and alcohol consumption result in lower pregnancy rates and they not only represent hazard to woman s health, but also expose woman to a greater risk of miscarriage. Coffee and caffeine products have been shown to affect fertility, and as little as one cup in the morning reduces woman s chances of conceiving for as much as 50%. Fertility specialist also suggest to avoid chocolate, sugary foods, salty snacks, processed foods, tea, cola and all fizzy drinks.

Some clinics suggest when preparing for IVF, woman should reduce salt and potassium from her diet. This is because diet high in salt and potassium prevents hyperstimulation. Woman should consume a well balanced diet, high in healthy proteins, wholegrains, veggies and fruits, and she should drink at least 8 glasses of water. She should also include prenatal supplements or consume diet that will enable her following vitamins and minerals:

Folic acid to help prevent fetus defects Vitamin C and E: they help enrich the fluid which surrounds and nourishes woman s eggs and to help her repair quickly after the egg retrieval, enabling readiness to receive the incoming embryos. Mineral zinc is essential mineral for hormone production, Magnesium and vitamin A are vital for egg production. Selenium and magnesium are both important because they improve fertilization rates Iron and Co-enzyme Q10 are important because they both enrich the womb lining. Healthy essential fatty acids are vitally important because they help balancing hormones and support ovarian health, and are found in fish, olive oil, flaxseed oil, nuts

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