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Are you and your partner currently looking into invitro fertilization after you have been diagnosed with infertility? Perhaps, during your inevitable search around the web, you have also come across and been tempted by IVF herbal support products.

What exactly is IVF herbal support, and what does it promise to do? Should you try this for yourself?

We can take care of the first two questions, what is IVF herbal support and what does it promise to do, together. You can find the claims of "IVF herbal support" manufacturers yourself quite easily, and we encourage you to read their promises for yourself, rather than taking our word for it. Claims vary from:

IVF herbal support will increase egg quality IVF herbal support will increase implantation rates IVF herbal support will relieve stress during IVF

These products are, as their name suggests, made of herbs. Beware, though: herbs won't increase the quality of a woman's eggs. Imagine that you are 4o years old, and about to undergo IVF. Your eggs have aged along with you, and there is no way that some herbs will increase their quality. IVF herbal support products don't, by the same token, increase implantation rates. Ask your chosen fertility clinic for your chances of IVF success during any given cycle, and look at statistics. Herbal products may relieve stress as they claim to, as long as you believe they work, because placebo drugs can be very powerful. In that case, it's your mind's belief in the products that makes the placebo work, not the product itself.

There is one way in which herbal medications could, actually, increase a couple's chances of conceiving naturally or with IVF. Men who suffer from oligospermia or low sperm count sometimes don't need anything beyond a boost in vitamins and minerals, and herbs can help with this. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can greatly harm a man's chances of getting his partner pregnant, and making sure these deficiencies are eliminated can offer some hope.

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