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Being faced with the gut wrenching diagnosis of unexplained infertility can be disheartening and frustrating for many couples on the quest to conceive a baby. The journey to parenthood for some happens naturally with no detectable problems and almost with no effort, for others the situation is not that easy. Unexplained infertility is not a simple thing to solve and even after undergoing a comprehensive array and battery of different medical tests, the reasons will still not be evident. Unexplained infertility is something approximately 10% of all infertile couples will have to face. There are literally thousands of reasons why a person or couple may not be successful when trying to conceive, it can be as much diet as it can be related to mind set and medical reasons and physical abnormalities.

There are couples that have been told they will never be able to have a baby and that nothing can help, but there are also those that have unexplained infertility IVF success rates in their favor. If a woman has a completely normal reproductive system and there are no evident problems in the male, there are assisted reproductive techniques like IVF which can be successful. The quest to have a baby is something that a couple can let consume them, but it is often when people stop trying that the miracle of conceiving a baby finally comes true. Through the use of fertility drugs and reproductive assistance, many people have been able to overcome unexplained infertility. It could be something as simple as the wrong timing or possibly due to an immune system incompatibility, but once assistance is provided, pregnancy can finally happen for the couple.

Unexplained infertility IVF success rates are something a couple may want to ask their reproductive endocrinologist about. Through IVF, a woman will be given a round of fertility drugs which will stimulate ovulation and egg production and the eggs are retrieved and fertilized in a lab. Once fertilized, the eggs are then implanted back into the uterus where it is hoped pregnancy will take. When dealing with a problem like unexplained infertility, it is important to remember to keep all avenues open and to explore all options. Many others have faced the same situation and gone on to have a healthy conception and welcomed a baby.

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