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For those couples trying to conceive and looking for an alternative to traditional medically assisted in-vitro fertilization, natural cycle IVF (in-vitro fertilization) can be less costly and invasive than other methods. Natural cycle IVF is also known by the name low stimulation IVF, which means low or no amounts of fertility drugs are used in order to help a woman conceive. For some couples the choice is much cheaper than traditional IVF and the results can work just as well.

For some couples seeking a medical option other than traditional IVF, there may be contraindications a female has to the fertility drugs used. With a history of depression or ovarian cysts or bad reaction to fertility drugs in the past, a woman may want to try a different route in order to avoid these side effects. For women that have also suffered from hyperstimulation of the ovaries, natural cycle IVF could be the answer. Some women simply do not wish to use fertility drugs and prefer a more natural approach to reproduction assistance. There are many questions and concerns a woman may have with natural cycle IVF, but by reading medical information and consulting with a fertility specialist she should be provided with the answers and reassured of her choice. Natural cycle IVF is much like traditional IVF, only with little to no help from fertility medications that could cause a serious health complication or allergic reaction to the drugs.

Prior to receiving natural cycle IVF (in-vitro fertilization), a woman will need to track her body temperature and purchase an ovulation kit to keep track of her fertile period for the three weeks prior to the menstrual cycle. The following month a woman will be given an ultrasound three days before an expected ovulation in order to see if follicles are releasing eggs. The following night the woman will inject herself with HGC and three days later will undergo egg retrieval. When trying to conceive, a couple must be willing to endure great hardship and sometimes heartache. For those that wish to use a different method to traditional IVF, natural cycle IVF can work. A couple should always keep a positive attitude and never rule out alternative options which would allow them to conceive a much wanted baby, the results are more than worth it in the end.

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