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Information on Beets

Beets are very popular because they provide the human bodywith numerous different sorts of health benefits. It has been cultivated fornumerous centuries but its popularity got overshadowed by spinach. It is one ofthe most important sources for the production of table sugar, as it is verygood in the process of sucrose extraction. One can derive all the importantnutritional values both from its root and its chard. Red beets are much morebeneficial than the white beets. Red beets possess certain medicinal propertiesand they can also be used for the production of juice. Red beet is immenselyrich in dietary fiber and it provides the human body with precious levels ofenergy.

Nutritional Value of Red Beets

A cup of beets contains 1.34 milligrams of iron. Iron is oneof the most important essential minerals and it is necessary for the properfunctioning of all different parts of the human body. If a person suffers fromiron deficiency it may lead to a medical condition known by the name of anemia.Those who suffer from low blood count should consume plenty of beets. Beetleaves contain much more iron than the leaves of spinach. Beets are anexcellent source of magnesium as well. Magnesium is an essential mineral whosemain purpose is to boost the immune system, enhance the functioning of themuscles, prevent hypertension, prevent diabetes, regulate the levels of sugarin the blood, regulate the blood pressure and enhance the functioning of thenerves. Each cup of beets provides the human body with 39.1 milligrams ofmagnesium.

Those who suffer from potassium deficiency should definitelyconsume more beets. Each cup of beets contains approximately 518.5 milligramsof potassium. Potassium is very efficient in strengthening the muscles, aidingthe muscle contractions and maintaining proper functioning of the kidneys. Itis also very important in the maintenance of proper balance of waterelectrolytes in the body. Beets are a remarkable source of phosphorus.Phosphorus is another important essential mineral and its main purpose is toenhance the formation and strength of the teeth and bones. It is also veryefficient in speeding up the repair and development of all different cells andconnective tissues in the human body. It produces the genetic building blocks,metabolizes the nutrients and maintains a normal pH balance in the body. Eachcup of beets contains 64.6 milligrams of phosphorus. Beets are also rich inmagnesium. Magnesium is important for the proper functioning of the thyroidgland and numerous processes inside the human body. A cup of beets contains0.55 milligrams of manganese. Other important nutrients contained in the beetsinclude vitamin C, beta carotene, folate, niacin, betaine, thiamin, copper,riboflavin, calcium, vitamin B6, selenium, vitamin A, zinc and sodium. A cup ofbeets contains only 43 calories.

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