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Diabetes belongs to the group of the very common disorders, which is, to be more exact, the metabolic type of the disorder, manifested as the increased amount of the sugar in the blood flow. It is, additionally, chronic, and the lifelong condition, but, fortunately, it could be controlled with very effective medications, which are included into the therapy intended to suit each individual. That is, the most common drug which lowers the level of the sugar in the blood is insulin, which is essential for the metabolism of the carbohydrates and the other nutrients and which turns the sugars into the beneficial nutrients for the organism. This is the most beneficial substance for treating this disorder, since the depletion of this enzyme leads to the diabetes.The problems with the extremitiesOne of the biggest problems that accompany this disorder is the one of the poor circulation of the blood, and that is why the extremities, as the most remote bodily parts, are sometimes affected by the lack of the blood in them. Therefore, the feet are most commonly affected by the decreased blood flow, and the strong possibility of developing the gangrenous tissue.

This is why, this kind of complication should be treated right away after being noticed (since the gangrene is very progressive condition and tends to expand over the nearby tissues), but the far more effective solution is to prevent this negative consequence from happening. So, if suffering from diabetes, one should every once in a while check the status of the blood flow, and improve it if it is interrupted, and, of course, keep the sugar at the normal level.

Additionally, the diabetes patients should be very careful about the wounds and stay away from the sharp object, since the regeneration of their wounds is not as effective as in the healthy individuals. The wound is, thus, more susceptible for the infection and, the likelihood of the possible complications is then increased. It is also dangerous since the accumulated fluid in the feet could gradually decompose the skin tissue. Other useful tip, besides being careful about the possible injuries, is to provide the frequent and proper hygiene to the feet.

As far as the mentioned prevention tips are concerned, they are even more difficult to be carried on because of the problem of the decreased sensitivity to touch of the extremities in diabetics, and this nervous disorder is medically called the diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Luckily, this condition can be alleviated by the soaking the feet into the hot water, but the skin mustn’t be burnt.

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