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A few words about atherosclerosis

It can be very troublesome when the blood flow is restricted in some part of the body, because of the blocked or narrowed artery, which is medically known as atherosclerosis. It can be very dangerous as well, and life threatening, because the arteries are the blood vessels which have the function to carry the fresh blood from the heart through the body, on the contrary from the veins. Most commonly this problem is gradually provoked by the intake of the harmful substances from foods such as the highly processed fast foods, the fats that cannot be decomposed (and they accumulate on the walls of the blood vessels), the refined sugar, and all the foods that contain the complex molecules.

Other than that, the waste products of smoking and the accumulated cholesterol in the blood flow are among the most frequent provokers of the blockage of the arteries, and, therefore, the decreased circulation of the blood. Besides the problem with the circulation, another logical and unwanted consequence of the blocked arteries is the depletion of the oxygen and the vital nutrients from the blood flow. Nevertheless, the lack of the vitamin C actually triggers the degeneration and the ruptures in the walls of the arteries, according to the newest researches. This ruptures let the blood to flow into the space between the organs. The problem is that the body regenerates these lesions with the use of cholesterol, so it tends to pile up and encrust over these specific spots.

Apart from the improper nutrition, the other causes of this condition can as well be some underlying diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, rheumatism, or simply being excessively fat.

What are the most pointed out indicators?

The indicators of this condition vary depending on the location of the blocked artery. So, for example, when the artery in the lower extremity is damaged this way, the cold sensation in the foot is present, the lack of the sense to touch, and the pain which is felt in the hips and over the calves. But, in the case of the blocked artery in the neck, logically, the most prominent signs of this condition are the troubles with the ability to speak and to see, which is manifested as the unclear vision, vertigo, the light-headedness, and the similar. Also, the depletion of the oxygen in the brain is followed with the similar difficulties, however, it leads to the brain attack.

In the case of the blocked artery in the heart, the individual will feel the loss of the sense of touch in the feet and the spasmodic pain in the muscles of the heart. Anyway, this condition requires the immediate medical attention.

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