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Diarrhea is one of the most common problems of the digestive and gastrointestinal system and it could be shortly described as the abnormally frequent urge for expelling the stool, which is could be bland to completely fluid. It could be caused by many different triggers, such as by some infectious agents, by different germs and micro organisms, by the harmful stuff which disrupts the normal movements of the bowel, by the reintroduction of the solid foods after the period of fasting and by the other cases of intolerance and the allergic responses, and many more.

However, some people are more prone to be intolerant to the foods that are rich in fat than the others, and that is because their metabolism could not decompose the fatty substances. Nevertheless, this condition is not among the life threatening ones, but it could lead, of course, if not treated, to the severe case of dehydration. Besides that, this condition should be treated right away after being noticed because it is hardly manageable, that is, the need for expelling the stool is acute and frequent and it should be satisfied immediately, which makes diarrhea one very troublesome disorder. Additionally, after expelling the faeces, the sensation of having even more faeces in the stomach is present.

Which foods could be harmful?

So, if sensitive to the fatty foods, one shouldn’t additionally combine it, for example, with the fatty milk products, since the fermented products are also harmful for the digestion. That way the functional bowel disorder occurs. However, the most common cases of diarrhea are provoked by eating or drinking the foods which are not so fresh, and which, therefore, are affected by the bacteria.

Also, it can be caused if someone’s dietary regime is not very balanced, such as the increased intake of the foods that are rich in fibers, since the fibers cleanse the intestines the similar way as a brush. Those are the nutrients which could be found in the fruits, veggies, and the whole grains, so, in that case, only the intake of them should be decreased. Similarly, in the case of the individuals who cannot properly digest the lactose, he or she should only stay away from the milk products.

It is also very harmful to combine the fatty foods with the condiments, especially if they are hot. And, if the meat is greasy, it can cause the poor digestion along with the problems of the bowels.

Well, when it comes to the natural treatment of the diarrhea caused by eating something fatty, the best tip is to provide enough water to the organism, which will prevent the dehydration and which will speed up the process of healing. Nevertheless, if the symptoms persist, the medical attention should be sought.

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