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Yeastinfections are a fairly common condition, especially among women, whocan contract vaginal yeast infections relatively easily. Theseinfections will typically arise during the years of a woman's life inwhich she is able to bear a child, as they can be caused by theimmune system weakening due to a hormone imbalance.

However,men who drink a large amount of beer can contract yeast infectionsmore easily and can also transfer them to their female partnersduring an intercourse. Beer is usually made using grain that is not usedin food processing and is typically mouldy by that point. The malemay not even notice the yeast infection, since the penis is of alower temperature than the rest of the body and the infection cannotproperly propagate. However, during sex, the vagina becomes very warmand is much more susceptible to the infection. The penis, especiallythe urethra, is also vulnerable at this point and the infection canbe passed back to the man. Other alcoholic drinks typically containfungi too, as yeast is used to create alcohol.

WhatAbout Chronic Yeast Infections?

Internalyeast infections, also called chronic infections, are much moredangerous than external ones because they can seriously damage thedigestive system. When livestock consume mouldy grain, the fungus canlive on in their bodies. When humans consume the meat from infectedlivestock, they can contract the candida fungus, which can then takeroot within their stomach or intestines after it eliminates the goodbacteria that tries to fight it off. Other foods like peanuts andcertain fruits can also carry candida fungi.

When aperson goes on a long treatment of antibiotics, their immune systembecomes weaker due to the antibiotics killing off the good bacteria intheir digestive system. When the immune system is weak enough, theyeast infection can spread easily though the body and emitpoisonous mycotoxins. These will severely damage the body and affect the functioning of various organs.

Yeastthrives on sugar, so people infected with an internal candida fungusmay have a yearning for sugary foods. The candida will basicallysteal nutrients from the intestines, degrading the body's health andfurther weakening the immune system. Noticing the infection early istherefore essential to prevent more serious problems from occurringdue to a deficient immune system.

Doctorscan run certain tests to diagnose yeast infection severity and they are able to prescribe treatments to counteract the spread of theinfection and kill off the fungus. Remember, catching the infectionearly is key to preventing the fungus from gaining a foothold thatmight be very difficult to get rid of.

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