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What exactly is leucoderma and why does it occur?

Vitiligo might be a term that is a bit more familiar and that is also used for thiscondition characterized by the loss of the pigment melanin, which iswhy the skin gradually becomes covered in white spots that turn into patches. Thisis the reason why leucoderma is very distressing for the person who suffersfrom it, particularly if they are of dark complexion. The fact is that leucodermaor vitiligo equally affects people of all ages and both genders, but the presence of some factors makes people a bit more susceptible tothis condition. One of the most important among them is psycho-social impact,and researches have proven that those who worry excessively or those whoare exposed to a lot of psychological stress are at higher risk of developingit, as well as those who have vitiligo running in the family. Besides thesefactors, impaired function of the liver, calcium deficiency, gastriticdisorders, worm infestation and several other conditions might contribute tothe occurrence of the condition in question.

Is there a cure for leucoderma?

Regardless of the cause and the symptoms through which itmanifests, it is important to know that the condition that we talk about is notcontagious and it does not cause pain, physical discomfort or any harm to theinner organs. It can be said that this problem is mostly of cosmetic nature, becausethe people who suffer from it experience visible changes in their appearance and that is the main problem.

As for the treatment, the main goal is usually to stabilizethe symptoms – depigmentation and spreading of the patches. Unfortunately,there is no cure that can help in making the skin look as it used to look beforethe problem occurred. Some cosmetic products can help in hiding the patches,but that is only a temporary solution. There are some topical medications, aswell as a number of home remedies that should be tried out, because they aresaid to be effective and helpful with this. On the other side, there are depigmentationand radiation therapies, as well as Psoralen photo-chemotherapy, that alsooffer help in reducing the white patches, but it is recommended to give a chanceto less invasive methods of the treatment first. Some changes in the diet arerequired, because citrus fruits, fish, lobsters, tea, coffee, as well asalcoholic beverages should be excluded from the diet.

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