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Extremely unpleasantconcern

Despite the fact thata great number of the people has difficulties with this particular skin disorder,not many have the proper answers and solutions that would enable them tobattle it off for good. One of the most common “delusions” is that the main culpritfor the occurrence of acne is actually the food we it, i.e. our improper diet.Unfortunately, there is little to almost no evidence that would give this claimsubstance. Some of the other mistaken culprits people consider to be at thebottom of the skin disorder in question are the following:

Chocolate initiates the occurrence ofacneCheese does the same when pimples arein questionMake-up does not have the potential toworsen your zit-problemBy squeezing pimples you also clear upand ward off acne

Genuine and confirmedacne culprits

A particular varietyof hormones known under the name of androgens (male hormones, otherwisefound in both men and women) are the ones that induce the buildup of excessoil inside the person’s glands. Once this amount of oils, in combination withdead skin, becomes so great to cause the clogging of the glands, it directlycauses the occurrence of both, the blackheads, as well as the whiteheads.Furthermore, this is additionally worsened under the influence of friendly skinbacteria and there is a great chance that this is accompanied by the occurrenceof inflamed, red in color pimples commonly regarded as the acne. Hence, this isone of the most important reasons why a person ought to take in plenty ofvitamins, as well as adhere to a proper nutrition in order to aid in the battlingoff of acne, besides employing various skin crèmes and solutions.

Successful treatment

As already mentioned above, in order to treat acne effectively and avoid their recurrence, aperson needs to employ various techniques and methods, as well as combine themin order to get those most satisfying results. Some of the tested “ways” are:

Regular face washing with oil-freesolutionsAvoid touching the face with dirtyfingers, as well as leaning it on dirty surfacesIn case a person wear glasses/sunglasses, make sure you keep them clean all the time to avoid clogging of thepores located in that areaMake sure your bed “pyjamas” arealways spick-and-span

As far as the mostbeneficial and effective vitamins are concerned those are:

Vitamin AVitamin B2 in combination with an acnesolutionVitamin B3Vitamin Ezinc

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