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It is amazing how our skin is sensitive. It is our major organ and it is easily affected by many conditions. Not only does the skin have its own disorders and diseases that originate in some of the skin layer, but many other health conditions manifest themselves through some disorder on the skin. When one suffers from some condition, it can be seen on the skin easily since it loses the previous brightness, smoothness and cleanness. As it is said, a healthy person has a perfectly healthy skin.

When the skin becomes blotchy, it is quite irritating and upsetting because constant itchiness and the occurrence of red rush are quite annoying. Sometimes, the blotchy skin is only restricted to the legs and not spread all over the body. It is a little bit relieving, but the blotchy skin on the legs should be treated as well since it causes a lot of irritation.

Blotchy skin on legs is a condition that is the worst in the morning and it tends to decrease as the day ends. It can affect any person of any age, and if the prompt treatment is missed, it can spread to the rest parts of the body.

Causes of blotchy skin on legs

The causes for the incidence of blotchy skin on legs are innumerable, but it is necessary to establish the real one in order to cure the condition successfully.

Various allergies are responsible for many skin disorders including the blotchy skin on the legs. When a person is allergic to something, the immune system manufactures and releases the histamines that start to kill the allergens, thus resulting in the occurrence of itching, redness and blotches on the skin, including the legs. Wearing too tight shoes or unclean socks can also induce leg blotches. Excessive exposure to the ultraviolet sun rays is also among the possible culprits for the incidence of blotchy skin on the legs. A cold and dry weather tends to affect the skin, which soon loses the moisture and becomes blotchy. Several skin diseases like eczema, rosacea and dermatitis may also cause blotchy skin on the legs. These skin diseases usually lead to the outbreak of pimples on the affected region. Vitiligo is a skin condition that usually occurs due to prolonged sun exposure. It is observed that the people who have darker skin are more susceptible to development of vitiligo and subsequently blotchy skin on the legs.

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