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Swollen neck glands refer to the swelling of the glands that are located in the neck, or even more precisely, swollen neck glands mean swollen lymph nodes in the neck. Lymph nodes are mostly made of white blood cells and they are of round shape and very small in size. Lymph nodes are the parts of the immune system of the body and are connected with lymphatic vessels. Their role is to protect our body from infections and germs that attack our body. They can be found in the whole body, for example, in the neck, groin, armpit and under the jaw, as well as in the back of the ears and back portion of the head.

Causes of swollen neck glands

Inflammation and infection are the main causes that are responsible for the swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck. In the majority of cases when the children have swollen neck glands, this condition is caused by ear infections. Furthermore, common cold or cold fever may lead to the occurrence of this disorder, but it is also proven that gingivitis and tuberculosis, as well as certain skin infections, may induce swollen lymph nodes in the neck. There are cases where some complications with tonsils led to the swelling of the neck glands. Mouth sores and cancer are also some of the causes for the incidence of this condition.

Symptoms of swollen neck glands

The most common symptom of this disorder can be seen and that is the swelling of neck. Those people who suffer from swollen neck glands may also experience tenderness under the ears and around the chin. Moreover, difficulty while swallowing food and difficult while breathing may also occur. This hard breathing is the result of respiratory infection. Swollen lymph nodes typically do not develop into cancer.

Treatment of swollen neck glands

When the symptoms are noticed, it is recommended to visit a doctor and treat the condition promptly. The doctor must first establish the cause responsible for the occurrence of swollen lymph nodes in the neck, which is important because the proper treatment depends on the causes. Many doctors treat this condition by eliminating the cause.

There are several things that the patient can do alone at home, such as massaging the neck with castor oil. Furthermore, warm pads should be applied on the neck. It is also recommended to consume apple cider vinegar. Zinc and selenium are the supplements that should be used in order to make the immune system strong.

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