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Cleansing facts

It is certainly afact that products used for colon cleansing managed to take over the market bystorm and become the most sought after products when it comes to weight loss. Suchproducts are employed in order to bereave the body of all the harmful toxinsthat are known to form in excess inside the colon, where they can induce quitea number of unwanted health issues. Once cleansed, colon gives way to animproved absorption of nutrients and boosts the functioning of the person’simmune system to a huge extent.


The cleansers inquestion are available in either synthetic or natural form. And exactly out ofthis reason, a greatest majority of people opts for the natural ones, withoutpaying much of attention to the ingredients these are comprised of. This is, of course, quite enough for a vast number of people, and the natural cleansersare in no way a scam. They have the ability to increase the movements in theperson’s bowel immensely. But one thing that these do not reveal to the users is potential harmful side effects their constituents might cause, if used inthe longer run. The fact is that a great number of cleansers actually do havein them constituents that can potentially cause a number of unwanted effectsand harm one’s overall health. Among those most notorious are such ingredientsas herbs Cascara Sagrada, Senna and Psyllium.

Cascara Sagrada – is a part ofprescription, but also over-the-counter laxatives and is the one and the mostimportant constituent that brings about the rapid bowel movement. It is truethat these are not that harmful when consumed in smaller amounts; consumingthem according to the rules of the colon cleansing agents can bring about quitea range of various health conditions like hepatitis, damage of the liver, painin the abdomen, colon lesions and rectal bleeding.Senna – is yet another frequentlyfound constituent in laxatives. Given its strength, it should be consumed onlyif the need for such a thing is extremely great, for in case it is taken on aregular basis, it can induce fluid and electrolyte imbalance – this can even proveto be fatal in the long run.Psyllium – is a fiber and performs thefunction of a colon sweeper. Intake of Psyllium can bring about unwanted issuesin excretory and also digestive systems. As it takes in more and more water, Psylliumhas the tendency to expand further, and unless taken with the proper amount ofwater, it can plug the digestive tract completely.

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