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A person who is considering to go through colon cleansing should first know what kind of cleanses are out there and which ones he or she should avoid. Certain ingredients can be harmful.

First of all, when a person decides to go through this process, he or she should know that nothing toxic should be consumed during the cleansing. The whole point of this process is that afterward a person's health improves. Lots of people nowadays will go for an option of cleansing themselves. However, people who decide to do this on their own should know the possible dangers some of the cleanses may cause.


There are various kinds of cleanses that can be purchased for all sorts of prices. In one study, over a 100 cleanses were tested. People who tested them found out that all the cleanses have 18 ingredients that may cause various side effects, from simple nausea to immune system disorders. These cleansers also have four known foods that cause allergies, two herbs that can be dangerous when used in large quantities and herbs of bad quality that might have pesticides, herbicides and toxic heavy metals.

Apart from these ingredients, these cleanses also possess clay, sugar, chalk, alcohol, animal tissue, chemical drugs and solvents, common sand, fish, milk, soybeans, wax and even traces of cyanide.

Some of the things that were used in the creation of these cleanses are pet food, cat litter, diapers, blackboard chalk, shoe polish, surfboard wax and even ammunition, explosives and fire extinguishers.

People working on this study even made a list of things that a person should look for in cleanses and not buy the product if it contains some or any of them. Some of the things from that list are apple pectin, bentonite clay, calcium carbonate, carnauba wax, food glaze, fructose, gelatin, inolin and high amalyse corn starch. A person should also avoid cleanses that contain magnesium stearate, natural flavors, potassium carbonate, silicon and titanium dioxide, fish, wheat and soy. These are not all the ingredients that should be avoided in a cleanse.

Herbal cleanses

A person can also buy herbal cleanses but they are not safe either. It is best if a person asks the manufacturer about the ingredients.

A lot of people agree that cleanses should be made of all natural and organic herbs without the fillers, chemicals, flavorings or preservatives. If a person finds a cleanse that is made of ingredients that are 100% pure, he or she should not fear and buy the cleanse.

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