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As is the case with many medications, beauty products, and supplements, so is the case with colon cleansers. The fact that so many different varieties are available out there on the market makes it pretty difficult for people not only to choose, but more importantly, to find the one that best suits their needs. Certain types of colon cleansers are milder, while others are stronger and termed even as “extreme”. However, this should not produce a completely opposite reaction in people, i.e. people should not be afraid of them because they are quite good and effective solution to the colon related problems and ailments that befall people on a daily basis. The strength of the latter variety of colon cleansers lies in the fact that they represent a superb mixture of completely natural ingredients, which are known to be more than effective in cleansing one’s inner systems. And, having this in mind, it is no wonder that quite a number of people might opt exactly for this kind of cleansers when seeking to solve their colon issues as quick as possible and with success.


This has been touched upon to a certain extent in the previous paragraph, but in continuation you will get a bit more information in order to help you make the decision much easier. Extreme colon cleansers are comprised of such herbs and plants as the Irish moss, licorice, ginger, cascara sagrada and alike. But, of course, this does not mean that these are the only active constituents that one will find in a cleanser. This is just the tip of the iceberg as a matter of fact. In addition to these, rhubarb, Psyllium seeds, Senna are also present, as well as kaolin, buckthorn bark, butternut root bark and cayenne.

Irishmoss – its primary function is said to be that of a laxative. What this means is that it is even more beneficial for the person in question. The benefits include coating and soothing the person’s gastrointestinal tract (extremely important when it comes to bringing an inflammation under control), aiding in treating ulcers etc.Ginger – it is extremely helpful when it comes to aiding a person bring cholesterol levels under control, and it also helps with alleviating cramps, boosts digestion and diminishes the negative effects of colds.Licorice – is known to be extremely beneficial and effective when it comes to cleansing one’s blood. In addition, it can hinder the growth and progression of various types of cancer and it is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

As far as the form of the extreme colon cleansers is concerned, they are readily available as powders, tablets, teas and liquids. Recommended dosage for pills is two in the course of day, followed by timely meals. Potential downsides include removal of valuable vitamins, nutrients and microbes, as well as the potential to cause imbalance in electrolytes.

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