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Overall facts

Just like it is the case with the greatest majority of medications and other treatment aiders, the same goes for pills used to cleanse the colon, because there are just too many varieties that make it incredibly difficult for a person to make one decision that will be the most beneficial one as well. Besides the fact that there exist quite a lot of brands that promise results in a matter of days, another question arises - to what extent are these pills actually safe for us, and what are the possible downsides to them? Naturally, all the food we take into our body goes all the way to our stomach and the intestines, and once there, the food goes through various digestion phases and is processed in a way that those beneficial nutrients are taken in and absorbed, while all the toxins and other harmful substances are taken out of the body. Unfortunately for us, those waste substances do not get thrown out completely and some of them are left wondering around our system for quite some time afterwards, ending up on the walls of our colon. And as many can already guess, the building up of those toxic substances can only be harmful, for they have the tendency to bring a lot of damage to the body cells and hinder the overall normal functioning of our digestive tract. Therefore, colon cleansing plays a very important role in avoiding all these unnecessary problems. By means of cleansing, our colon is cleaned out of all the toxic substances, and for this to be possible, various colon cleansing products are employed, and all of which have the potential to reinitiate and boost the movements of the bowel.

Colon cleansers – pills

Today, an enormous amount of these particular pill brands are readily available to people, and they range from laxatives all the way to enemas. Those who opt for this method of colon cleanse, due to their effect will have to get used to going more often to the toilette, especially, in the following 72 hours after taking one such pill. This is, however, extremely difficult for those who have some work to accomplish. These pills can be acquired in bottle packs (30 to 60 pills per one package), and are to be taken primarily in the morning hours immediately after waking up and with a glass of plain water. After the initial period, the person in question needs to bring in constant changes regarding the dosage until he/she experiences at least two or three bowel movements on a daily basis.

Safety issue

Considered to be the main downside of all such pills is the fact that they tend to make the colon extremely dependable upon them when it comes to the cleansing process. Therefore, if a person is taking them for quite some time, there is an increased risk for the colon to lose slowly its self-cleansing powers for good. Also, particular varieties of the pills in question are known to have in them extremely strong laxatives that can bring about acne, nausea, vomiting and intensive pain in the person’s stomach.

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