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Grapefruit Seed Extract

There are many uses of this extract. It is used as a house disinfectant and evenfor curing infections and other medical conditions. In the following text, wewill see which benefits are associated with the grapefruit seed extract. Thedried grapefruit pulp and the seeds are the contents of the grapefruit seedextract. This extract has a variety of uses and it has a yellow color. Themetabolic functions of the body will be enhanced by the vitamin E, C, and the riboflavin that the grapefruit seed extract has. The use of this extract will remove the toxins inthe body and make the immune system stronger. It has preventive stand towards the microorganismsand parasites. Still, know that only diluted form of this extract can be consumed.The grapefruit seed extract can be acquired in most clinics and health stores.


It can be used as a facial cleaner. With moist hands place several drops on thefingertips and place it on the face with circular motion. Rinsing is neededonce the extract is absorbed by the skin. The deep cleansing may cause sometingling sensation. Eczema and acne may be treated with this cleanser.Dandruffcan be treated with two or three drops placed in the shampoo. The shampooneeds to be left on the hair for two minutes. Tablespoon of light olive oil andseveral drops of grapefruit seed extract will remove cracked lips.Mix a glass of water and 4-5 drops of extract to make a mouthwash that needsto be used daily. This will keep microorganism away from your mouth.In a pot, add salt water and 4 drops of the extract to make a nasal rinse. You can alsouse a mix of one quarter of a glass and one drop. Put the mixture in a syringeand it will help with the sinus infection.You can use it is a handdisinfectant that needs to be placed on the moist hands. By applying thesolution of one tablespoon of water and 7-10 drops of the extract on the nails,fungus may be removed form the nails. The solution must be applied under andover the nails and cuticle. Do this two times during the day.In order to disinfect the water, ad 3-5 drops to a glass of water, while 10-15drops may be needed if you want to remove parasites, candida infection, flu orcold. Three times during the day, drink this solution.Algae in the garden,mildew, fungus, snails and aphids are things that grapefruit seed extract iseffective on. We also advise adding it to the floor cleaning machine to removethe molds and bacteria. Strep, salmonella and staph are organisms that can bekilled as well. Pesticides on the fruit can be removed if you place a few dropson the fruit after they have been washed.

Consult a doctor beforeyou start to use this extract since there are some complications associatedwith use along with some medications.

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