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A person who wants his or her hands to remain youthful should know that just like the neck and the face they need TLC. The hands are probably the most neglected things when a person thinks of skin care. The hands also get lines, wrinkles and brown spots with age, as same as the face does. Along with the spots and the wrinkles, the back of the skin in the hands tends to get more thinner and loses one of its better properties- its elasticity. A person who does not take care of his or her hands will eventually end up with filthy fingernails, coarse cuticles and calluses, among other things. A lot of people forget that the hands are a part of the first impression when a person meets someone for the first time.

The hands and the nails need exfoliation in order to get rid of the dead skin cells and better the circulation. Moisture is also important for the hands. Another thing that a person should not forget is to make sure that his or her hands do not get sunburned.

Hand care

Lots of people agree that it is better to wear gloves when a person cleans or washes the dishes because a huge number of soaps and other cleaning products can damage the skin of the hands. A lot of people will notice that their hands are dry after some of these chores.

A person can have soft and clean hands with proper cleansing products. Some of these products like an exfoliate to get rid of calluses can be made at home with the ingredients normally found in the kitchen. Oatmeal, cornmeal and sugar are some of the ingredients. A person should remember to rinse the hands after the exfoliation and then use some moisturizing cream on the hands.

Tips for fingernail care

A person should keep the nails manicured to a length that does nor cause any problems for him or her. When a person is filling his or her nails, he or she should always use an upward stroke along the top side of the nail. It is important that a person does not fill the nails from along the side walls because it can damage the nails.

When it is time to remove the nail polish a person should always rinse the nails with water.

A nail brush should be used in the shower or sink when a person cleans his or her nails. A person should always use a gentle nail brush because it will not damage the nail base.

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