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It is very uncommon to find anybeverages based on cucumber juice on the market because it usually gets mixedwith other vegetable juices. Some like it freshly prepared, some others mix itwith carrot juice or some other vegetable juice. Whatever approach one chooses,cucumber juice provides many health benefits. It can be applied orally, but itcan also be externally applied.

The English cucumber, theMediterranean cucumber and the Pickling cucumber are the three most commonspecies and they’re all in the same family as the gourd and the pumpkin. TheEnglish cucumber is the best one to use for juicing, due to its health benefitsand because it almost contains no seeds at all and is it easiest one to peel.

Cucumbers are very rich invitamin A but cucumber juice just isn’t. Most of the vitamin is located in thepeel and very small amounts can be found in the juice. One can juice thecucumbers without peeling them first, but has to make sure that they haven’tbeen waxed. Cucumber juice is rich in vitamins B6, C and K. It also containssignificant amounts of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and traces ofsulfur, copper, iron and silicon.

A cucumber consists mainly ofwater, but it also contains many aforementioned healthy nutrients. Because ofits high water content it is one of the best natural diuretics out there.This property of cucumber juice is very beneficial for the urinary system,kidneys, bladder, liver and the pancreas too. Unfortunately, it cannot cure anydiseases but it can be of great help in treating them.

Cucumber is also very beneficialfor the skin when taken both orally or applied directly on the skin. Many skincare products are based on cucumber juice. When cut into slices, cucumber canbe applied over the eyes for the reduction of eye fatigue and strain, swollenareas around the eyes and it efficiently conditions the skin. Sulfur andsilicon provide benefits the nails and the hair strength and growth. Calcium,which is commonly contained in cucumber juice, is very beneficial to bones andteeth strength and potassium keeps the blood pressure well balanced.

Cucumber juice can be consumed inorder to help with the treatment of various diseases. These conditions includeeczema, acne and psoriasis. Antioxidants in the cucumber juice minimize theeffects of arthritis and they benefit the functioning of the digestive tract.

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