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The cucumber along with melon, watermelon and zucchini belongs to the same vegetable family, squash family. It's cylindrical and around 6 to 9 inches long. The color of its skin varies from green to white and covers amazingly juicy flesh. Although a tropical plant the cucumber is accessible in almost all parts of the world.

This vegetable is extremely rich in water (up to 96%) and since its skin is full of vitamin A the cucumber is supposed to be eaten unpeeled. Additionally it is rich in vitamin C and contains alkaline-forming minerals, folate, manganese, molybdenum, potassium, silica, sulfur. There are also small amounts of vitamins B, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and chlorine present.

Eating cucumber regularly may reduce the problem of hyper acidity and gastric or duodenal ulcers. This happens since alkal minerals present in the vegetable regulate body's pH. It is also in charge with regulation of blood pressure due to its minerals and small amounts of sodium.

Just remember how cosmeticians use sliced cucumber to reduce the swollen eyes. This is used since cucumber is proved to be efficient in prevention of water retention. This powerful diuretic may be even useful in dissolution of kidney stones and elimination of water excess.

During hot summer days people tend to keep their temperature normal. Having a glass of cool cucumber and celery juice may be helpful. In case of fever its temperature regulatory potentials become known. Even in case of sunburns cucumber rubbed directly onto the burnt surface may present cooling and healing effects.

Silica from the cucumber is the powerful builder of connective tissue of our bones, muscles, cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

According to traditional Chinese medicine the cucumber is the mighty weapon for people ill with rheumatism. This is due to reduction of uric acids the main culprit of this painful condition. By eliminating the uric acid the cucumber eliminates the pain.

High content of vitamin C as a powerful antioxidant makes it indispensable part of so many beauty creams especially those for treating eczema, psoriasis and acne.

If one experiences problems with hair growth he/she may try cucumber juice mixed with carrot, lettuce or spinach. The silicon and sulfur from this combination may help.

One should know that the best cucumbers for consummation are those which are firm and have dark green skin. The vegetable needs to be stored in cool place usually in some container. It is best if consumed immediately after the preparation. Leftovers should be thrown away not stored in the fridge. And as for all other vegetables before food preparation wash it thoroughly but softly using vegetable brush.

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