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Carrot juice is one of the healthiest and the most nutritious natural juices. It has many benefits for the overall health and it is also very beneficial for the skin.

About carrot juice

Carrot juice can be obtained very simply by placing a few carrots in a juicer and drinking it straight up, or by grinding them in a blender and then filtering the juice. Either way, it is best to drink it fresh, so all the precious nutrients are still in it. Carrot juice can be bought in stores but oftentimes it contains other, less beneficial ingredients like sugar, preservatives and artificial flavors.

This juice is rich in potassium, calcium, vitamins C and A. Pure carrot juice has a very low calorie count and it is suitable for people who are dieting or trying to lose weight. An average-sized cup of carrot juice contains only 90 calories.

The recommended amount of carrot juice per day is one cup or eight ounces, and anything more than that will not be absorbed in the body. Too much carrot juice can make the skin turn yellowish or even orange.

Benefits of carrot juice for the skin

If taken regularly, carrot juice can give excellent results when it comes to nice and healthy skin.

Vitamin A is the most important nutrient found in carrot juice. It is found in the form of beta-carotene that gets converted into vitamin A, so there is no need to take supplements of this vitamin.

This vitamin is a very potent antioxidant whose purpose is to destroy the free radicals responsible for the aging process and to combat many diseases. It makes the skin firmer, smoother and more elastic, thus less prone to acne. In addition, vitamin A is helpful for a number of skin problems and conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis and rashes.

Carrot juice is particularly recommended in the summer, because it makes the skin tan quicker and it provides protection against sunburns.

Vitamin C is another antioxidant and it is also important for the formation of collagen. Collagen is vital for a firm and young-looking skin.

Carrot juice is a good source of much needed fluids. Skin needs plenty of fluids in order to stay healthy and shiny and dehydration not only leads to dull and dry look but it also accelerates the aging processes.

Drinking carrot juice also provides prevention against hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tones.

In addition, carrot juice is very effective against acne and it can even be used to reduce the scars on the skin.

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