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Mosquitoes are among the most annoying insects and it is sometimes rather difficult to get rid of them. Most people rely on a vast array of commercially produced mosquito repellents when it comes to getting rid of the unpleasant insects. An important fact is that commercial mosquito repellents cannot be used when it comes to mosquito repellents for babies. These products are jam packed with various types of chemical compounds which can be quite harmful for the sensitive skin of babies. Babies also often tend to suck on their feet or hands, so it may lead to even further medical problems and complications. There are certain insect repellents for babies, but they can only be used in babies which are more than 2 months old. Babies who are younger than 2 months need to be dressed in long sleeved clothes and a mosquito net needs to be placed over the baby’s crib.

Mosquito Repellent for Babies

Among the best repellents for babies are the ones known as DEET repellants. DEET is a chemical compound medically known as N-diethyl 3-methylbenzamide and it is often used in various different types of mosquito repellents. Those products which contain this compound are safe for babies and they can keep the mosquitoes at bay for up to 8 hours. DEET is not water soluble and it should be used for babies only if its concentration is no more than 10 percent. DEET products should only be used on the exposed areas of the skin such as legs and hands. Spraying the fists and palms should be avoided because babies tend to suck these body parts. There are also certain electronic mosquito repellents which contain a compound called permethrin. These are also safe for babies. Permetrin is especially beneficial because it keeps the mosquitoes at bay, but it also does the same for ticks and fleas. This is why it may be the best choice for all families who have pets. Permethrin is not designed to be applied topically on the skin, it has to be applied on the mosquito nets and the clothes.

One can mix a wide array of essential oils in order to make a natural type of mosquito repellent. Essential oils are safe and they do not irritate the toddlers. Oils such as clove, lavender, cedar, citronella and eucalyptus can be mixed with water and used in a clean spray bottle as a very efficient mosquito repellent. There are also certain organic mosquito repellents which commonly contain peppermint oil, lemon or lemongrass oil.

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