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Constipation in Newborns

Breastfeeding babies rarely have problems with constipation.This problem is much more common among newborns fed with formula and thesebabies often have firm stool or experience difficulties passing the stool. Insome cases constipation may also be very hard and cause blood blotches,provoking discomfort and causing babies to cry.

Usual causes of constipation in babies are diet change, lowintake of fluids or some health problems. Mother’s milk is something every babyis used to and this food is very easily digested. Any change in the diet, suchas switching to cow’s milk or to formula may lead to constipation troubles inbabies. Also, common cause of constipation is introduction of solid food intobaby’s menu or the excess intake of different dairy products. Solid baby foodshould always include something rich in fibers, to prevent digestion problems.As a parent, you should know that bananas, applesauce, white potato and cerealscan also lead to constipation in your newborn child.

Lack or insufficient amount of fluids, especially water isvery common cause of constipation in babies. Your baby should be given plentyof water throughout the day and between feds. This is even more important forbabies fed with formula, because water eases the movements of the bowels andprevents constipation.

Slow moving of the food in the colon or low residue might alsobe the cause of constipation in newborns. Obstacles in lower gastrointestinal tractor some kind of tumor may block the stool and lead to constipation, as well ascystic fibrosis.

Stricture and perforation of the anus are other problems thatmight end up causing constipation in babies. The tear of skin around the anusis yet another reason for constipation in very young children. In some cases, thisproblem is also known to be associated with certain food allergies. It can beanything your baby eats, even baby formula he or she is taking instead ofbreast milk.

How to Treat Constipation in Babies?

Constipation in babies should not be ignored by the parents.You can try some of home remedies and see if your child gets better. If he orshe is not better or if the baby starts to feel worse you must seek a pediatricianhelp.

Treatment options for babies suffering from constipationusually involve avoidance of all things that might cause constipation andproper feeding of the baby. Check with your pediatrician what and how muchshould your baby eat and follow your doctor’s advices.

Try to change baby formula and see if this improves condition.Give some prune juice and lots of water to your baby, to ease and treat his orher constipation.

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