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Diarrhea in children causes dehydration and it is vital to take further steps and stop coming dehydration. A right drug to correct dehydration is oral rehydration solutions ORS, medications recommended for children. ORS has sugar, other minerals, various salt and potassium, which is enough to makeup lost body fluids. Preventing dehydration doesn't mean stopping diarrhea. ORS is taken depending of how bad dehydration is. Dehydration should be stopped on time.

In the following cases, it is necessary to address doctor for help;

If there is a blood in diarrhea that gets worse.If abdominal pain becomes worse.If diarrhea increase no matter of home treatment.If symptoms are more and more frequent or intensive.If dehydration develops on any way.If there is a fever and diarrhea that prolongs more than 24 hours.

In case of infant diarrhea, baby will need to get more milk then usual and make up fluids. In that case ORS is given only if there are signs of bad dehydration. A level of dehydration and weight of body will decide how much milk an infant need to make up lost fluid. ORS may be given in spoon or mixed in bottle, till diarrhea stops.

Cereal may also make up lost fluids if the baby is old enough, so the baby should eat cereals after diarrhea performance. With infants diapers should be placed on baby skin oiled with cream or zinc oxide to avoid rash. No school until diarrhea is gone. If there is a vomiting together with diarrhea then there are home treatments for such.

With older children 1-11, ORS may be offered with mild orange juice or food so the body make up the loss due to diarrhea. After each stool, a child should have half of the cup or 1 cup of water or as much as he or she wants. Using ORS is the best approach and how often is taken depends of a dehydration level.

The meals should be small but often, 6 times per day and the best food choice should be cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, cooked beans, rice cereal or bananas. Also salty food might be a good idea to make up for lost salt, while no extra fat or extra sugar is recommended. Also sports drinks, apple juice, ginger ale, soda pop, or tea are out of the question. In such condition children need calories and mineral intakes.

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