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Acupuncture Facts

Acupuncture is ancient Chinese practice, based upon the Taoistphilosophical principles. According to this philosophy, energy or the Chi flows throughthe body. The paths of energy are known as Meridian and there are 14 Meridiansin the human body. All the way along these energy pathways there are certainpoints and they can become blocked. This blockage is blamed for many physicalsymptoms the patient experiences and the acupuncture can resolve these problems. Unblockingthe flow of energy and allowing the energy to flow freely is the way to healthe person and all his or hers troubles. Acupuncture practitioner uses long andthin needles to resolve energy blocks. Although people tend to worry about theprocedure itself, many reported insignificant amount of pain with the stackingof these needles in the body.

How Religion Affects Acupuncture?

It’s not easy to answer the question like this one. There aremany different viewpoints of almost every single belief you can think of. Peoplemay have opposite opinions about politics, environment and also about variousmedical treatments. The problem may become bigger than normal, if a personbelieves that his side is the only right side and nothing else and no one elsehas anything to say about that. However, most people are able to see thereasoning of the other side and if necessary, to question their own theoriesand beliefs.

Speaking of religion, it does have huge impact on people. Dependingon the religion, different things may be considered to be unethical or immoral.For some, blood transfusion, even if given in the state of emergency is notacceptable, because the blood of another person will be blasphemous. They don’tbelieve in this part of the modern medicine and don’t accept it under anycircumstances. Other religions don’t believe in any of modern medicine and alwaysuse holistic medicine to solve all of the problems their believers have.

Some use the bibles and other religious texts to discouragetheir followers to use certain medicine, including the acupuncture. These peoplemay blame acupuncture and some other practitioners to perform “Devil's work” orto deceive people.

Nevertheless, many religions don’t have anything againstdifferent medicine practices. Acupuncture may have become more acceptable withthe increased number of people practicing yoga and pilates. For many, thesepractices are no longer something that they should be afraid of, but somethingthey can use and enjoy all benefits they bring.

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