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Pain under the Medial Arch of the Foot

Many people experience the pain in the medial arch of the foot that causes the injury of the flexor hallucis, which is a unity of the tendon and very strong muscle. It is responsible for the balance that we make while standing or walking. The tendon spreads itself all the way from the great toe across the medial arch of the foot to the Achilles’ tendon.

There are many causes of the injury to the flexor hallucis and they include the amount of body`s weight, which falls onto the toes of the foot. For instance, a great toe is carrying almost one third of the body`s weight in the case of normally aligned foot. If a person`s feet are turned out while walking or standing, the great toe is then carrying even more of body`s weight and injuring the flexor hallucis. These injuries usually occur in the medial arch of the foot. Sometimes, people may mistake the injuries of the flexor hallucis for the Achilles’ tendonitis or plantar fasciitis. There are some people who may experience the injuries of the flexor tendons of other toes and have a pain not only at the medial arch of the foot, but, also in a wide area under and around the arch of the foot.

Making a Diagnosis

You can go to the specialist to make the appropriate diagnosis, but you can also test it yourself to determine the type of the injury. You can perform the resisted plantar flexion of the great toe, which is a procedure of holding your great toe in dorsiflexion with the thumb. Then you can ask someone to push your toe against you. In case you have experienced a severe injury, you should feel a slight pain after this procedure. If you have just strained the tendons, you can perform some more tests to determine the type of injury.

Another test for determining the right reason of the pain in the medial arch of the foot is holding someone else`s hands just to maintain balance and rise to the balls of your feet. If you happen to have pain in the medial arch of the foot, then the flexor hallucis tendon is strained, but if you have pain in the Achilles’ area, then you need to determine the real reason of the pain. The last test is facing the fall and leaning against it at about 30 to 40 degree angle, and rise yourself to the balls of your feet. In case you don`t feel any pain, you should transfer your weight on your toe that is causing a stress to the flexor hallucis tendon.

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