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A solution for men who suffer from baldness is a scalp flap surgery. That is a surgical procedure in which a part of a healthy hairy scalp is removed and placed to the front of the head. This procedure is usually used by men who have baldness on the whole area of the front part of the head. There are different types of baldness and scalp flap plastic surgery is not a good solution for every type. The prognosis for scalp flap surgery is good for men who suffer from the so-called crop circle spot. Women are not good candidates for this kind of surgery, because they suffer rarely from this condition.

Although it may sound easy, this type of surgery is complicated. It is done in three stages under total anesthesia. The final aim is to take one strip of hair from one part of the head and transplant it to the other part. But, it is very well received in male population. So, scalp flap surgery is a good way to replace baldness with hair, no matter what caused it. It has proven to be successful in men who got bald due to genetics or hormones.

It isn’t good for people who take certain types of medications, have infections and anxiety. But generally, there is a very small amount of people who don’t qualify as candidates for scalp flap surgery. People who have AIDS or autoimmune disorder cannot undergo this procedure, as they are not good candidates. The reason for that is an increased risk of infections.

As we have already said above, there are three stages in scalp flap surgery procedure. In the first stage, two parallel incisions are made on both sides of the scalp and the strips of flesh with balding skin are removed. The second stage is related to removing the flesh with hair. And finally, an incision near the front of the hairline is made. Then, the scalp with hair is lifted and placed on the spot that was previously bald.

If you decide on this procedure, first you should consult with your doctor so that he could take a biopsy and see what type of hair anatomy you have. There is no need for a longer stay in the hospital after the surgery. Only if bleeding occurs, a night in the hospital would be needed. Once the surgery is done, you will have headaches or swelling for a couple of days and washing and taking a bath should be avoided for 5 to 7 days.

Even though it is complicated and an expensive surgery many men decide on it because they have their hair again, and the scars are hidden by new hair.

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