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Bad circulation

It is estimated that about 10 million people in the world is affected by the bad circulation, which is regarded to be among the conditions considered as the silent killers. Bad circulation usually occurs in the middle-aged people, as well as in the elderly people, but the smokers are also at high risk to have poor blood circulation. Bad circulation may lead to many problems and disorders in the body, such as damages related to the lower extremities, heart and brain.Bad circulation is when the normal blood flow is restricted to some body areas. Due to some problems the blood cannot travel to every single one part of the body and as a consequence, some organs do not get adequate quantities of blood which carries oxygen and necessary nutrients.
Causes of bad circulation
The major culprit for the occurrence of poor blood circulation is the condition marked by the obstructed arteries known medically as atherosclerosis. When one consumes high cholesterol diet for a long span of time, it leads to the accumulation of the bad cholesterol on the walls of the arteries, and formation of plaque which makes the blood vessels become narrow. Due to the narrow arteries, the heart is compelled to pump the larger amounts of blood in order to provide the satisfactory amount of blood to every organ. Once the arteries are obstructed or blocked, the heart does not get sufficient blood and the heart attack occurs.Cold temperatures are the second major factor that leads to the poor blood circulation. In low temperatures, the body keeps the blood in the main arteries and the circulation to the arms and legs is reduced. Therefore, many people will complain of cold hands and feet.Diabetes, obesity, smoking and unhealthy lifestyle are also among the possible causes which may induce bad circulation in the body.
Symptoms of bad circulation
Timely recognition of the symptoms of bad circulation is important as to prevent the occurrence of the heart attack. The most typical warning signs of bad circulation are tingling sensation or numbness in the arms and legs, extremely hot or cold hands and feet, the swelling of the fingers or toes, and pain in feet. Furthermore, the people with poor blood circulation may also suffer from varicose veins, sores and rashes, pain and cramps in the muscles.As for the treatment of this problem, X-ray or MRI scan, or some other tests may be ordered by a doctor to diagnose the real cause first. When the mild cases are in question, changing diet and lifestyle is the only thing that the person should do. In severe cases, angioplasty and bypass surgery may be needed.

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