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Water in ear remedy

Lots of people who enjoy swimming and do swim a lot experience sooner or later a problem of water in their ear or swimmer's ear.Ear plugs do help but they tend to fall out when a person jumps into water.A person can get water in the ear while taking a bath and it is easily solved but if a person ends up with water in the ear from a swimming pool then it is best to use some remedy. This is because water in the pool contains chemicals and germs.The usual symptoms of this disorder are itchiness and pain in the ears. Hearing will get worse and a person will have a feeling that the ears are stuffed. Sharp pain, swelling of the ears and buzzing sounds and scaly look of the ear skin are symptoms that do not appear that often.

Water in ear treatment

There are lots of remedies for this particular problem for a person to choose from.The first thing a person can do is to tilt the head and wiggle the finger inside the ear. This usually helps by allowing the water to come out.Another similar thing a person can try is to stand on the right leg, bend the head to the right and jump a couple of times. In this case the gravity should expel the water from the body. This action should be done on the left leg as well.Person can also use a hair dryer to get rid of the water. The dryer should be set at the lowest temperature and be held at an arm's length for half a minute in the direction of the ear.An excellent home remedy is alcohol. A person just needs to rub some alcohol inside the ear. Alcohol will evaporate the water and destroy the germs if there are any. Another good home remedy is vinegar. A person should just put two drops in the ear and it will help with the problem.Of course, like with many ailments, there are proper medications that help. In this case, there are lots of ear drops a person can buy in almost every drug store. On every bottle there is a label with instructions on how to use the drops.

These are not all known remedies for water in the ear but any one of these will help a person get rid of it. However, if a person experiences some severe symptoms it is best that he or she seeks medical attention. These symptoms include fever, chills, strong pain in the ear and milky or yellow discharge from the ears.

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