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Ear Infections and Adults

Even though once a person grows up and reaches his/her adult years, the ear infection frequency lays a bit off, in a manner of speaking, it is still fairly significant for them to watch out and be on the watch of a possible appearance or reappearance of this infection. The primary cause of this type of infection in adults, is the occurrence of a certain infection in the Eustachian tube and close by region, which is situated in the vicinity of the inner ear. This tube is of utmost importance, given the fact that it is responsible for maintaining the close relationship and that it closely connects the inner ear and all the nasal passages so the fluid drainage from the ears is not interrupted. Also, it needs to make sure that the pressure that exists between the outside and the inside of our body is well balanced.

Common Culprits

When it comes to common causers of an ear infection, there is just an enormous number of situations that can provoke the occurrence of an infection. Also certain environmental factor can contribute to overall worsening of the infection. For example, cold can be the main culprit for the build up of the fluids and the initiation of the infection in the Eustachian tube. Another worsening factor can be the presence of the post nasal drip. And contrary to general opinion, it does not take an illness for a grown person to contract an ear infection. In greatest number of cases, the main culprit for the infection is the mucus that finds its way into the Eustachian tube when a person is blowing his/her nose or if a person is neglectful and fails to clean out all the liquid out of the ears, after taking a shower or a swim.


In case, the complications do appear earlier, then the infection itself can be easily dealt with and cured. The most common ones related to the ear infection are bottling up of the fluid in one’s ear, pain and pressure. As far as the last two complications are concerned, they occur due to swelling of the tissue located in the inner ear because of the presence of some infection or fluids that are trapped in the ear. Among other most common complications we find such as temporary loss of hearing, which occurs due to swelling in the inner ear.

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