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Overall facts

When it comes to the most frequently employed medications belonging to the antibiotics family, amoxicillin is the number one, specifically in the treatment of ear related conditions and issues. As we all already know, ears are considered to be our sound receptors and are responsible for the property of hearing. Without their functioning properly and without them doing their primary functions, effective communication between people would be impossible. What have numerous research studies showed is that this organ is, perhaps more than other, extremely sensitive and prone to falling under the influence of various ailments and infections respectively. The peak time is considered to be the childhood. When it comes to ear related infections, most common culprits are known to be different types of bacteria, which somehow find their way through and reach the ear canal unobstructed. Another way in which bacteria are known to find their way to the ear is by means of a nose. Fortunately, some of the most commonly occurring manifestations, which indicate the presence of bacteria that are about to cause an ear infection are, first and foremost, intense ear pain, runny nose and blockage of one part of the person’s ear, which is a direct consequence of the pus build up. On the other hand, when it comes to successful treatment methods and techniques, antibiotics are regarded as the best and the most effective way to battle off this highly unpleasant and also quite painful condition.

Treatment helpers

It is commonly known that the greatest number of ear infections tends to disappear on its own after a while – mostly after one week. However, in case a person does not feel any improvement for quite some time, the only and the best possible solution is visiting a doctor who will decide upon the most suitable antibiotics treatment therapy. The most frequently prescribed, and considered to be the most effective and result yielding are the following:

Amoxicillin - an oral type of antibiotic is known to be a part of the penicillin family and is extremely effective when it comes to eradicating all the bacteria in the initial phases of the infection. Requirement – taking one or two tablets on a daily basis and the problem is solvedCefaclor – unlike the previous one, does not belong to the penicillin family, but is categorized as a cephalosporin. Antibiotics from this family are known to be extremely effective in the treatment of numerous infections, bacterial in nature, especially, those befalling ears and throat. All it takes is a two-day regular therapy and the infection is successfully brought under controlAugmentin ES – is employed especially for those cases more serious in nature, given the fact that an acute infection is many a time impervious to amoxicillin treatment. Instead, the antibiotic that is a combination of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid is employed. This antibiotic is especially effective when it comes to bringing the recurrence of ear infections to a complete halt

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