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Fluid in ear remedy

A person is exposed to fluid whenever he or she goes for a swim, takes a bath or shower. The wax in the ear is the thing that usually keeps the water out. However, it happens that sometimes fluid passes the wax and gets stuck in the ear. In most cases this fluid will dry out on its own but people who get ear infections more easily should not wait for that to happen. Since this condition does not have clear symptoms like pain or fever it is hard to spot them. A person should know that fluid in ear can cause some disorders like hearing loss, cyst formation and eardrum inflammation among others. This is why it is good to know some remedies which can help in this case. Fluid in ear causes

There are cases when a person had a cold but it is in the recovery stage that the onset of fluid in the ear can be seen. The ear is made of three parts, the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. The middle ear is filled with air but it can happen that it gets filled with fluid. When a person is suffering from a cold, the water retention occurs just behind the eardrum in the middle ear. Seros otitis media is the condition when the fluid stays there after the cold has passed. A condition called swimmer's ear happens to the external ear. Fluid in ear treatment
A person is advised to get rid of the fluid in ear because of all the bacteria it may contain. Another good reason is the possible loss of hearing. A person should go to the doctor if he or she feels the presence of drops in the ear but he or she should know that there are some things a person can do to get the fluid out of the ear at home.

The first thing a person can do is to pour a couple of drops of garlic juice into the ear and use a blow drier to dry the ear. The drier should not be held closer than 12 inches from the ear.

Another thing a person can do is to place a hot towel on the ear and lie on the side and let the fluid drain out.

A person can even put a couple of drops of warm mango leaf extract or olive oil in the ear and lie sideways and let the fluid drain out. A mixture of rubbing alcohol and vinegar can be used as well.

These are only some of the home remedies which can be used to drain the fluid out of the ear.

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