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Essentials for rock climbing

The most important aspect of rock climbing is arm and hand strength, and the two can never be strong enough.

It is also very important to note that hitting the gym and getting strong is not enough for becoming a great rock climber, the fact of the matter is, you have to spent hours upon hours on the rock as well.

Rock climbing is a one of the most physically and psychologically demanding sports there is and if a person it is training hard, it is important to remember that rest and some time off will do a lot of good as well.

Muscles, tendons and bones must all be strong, and the soft tissues must be durable as well. All muscular imbalances must also be corrected in order to become an elite climber.

The skin must be tough as well, and it is important to increase one’s blood flow, because it will increase the speed of healing and recovery after injuries.

Flexibility is also another important aspect of rock climbing that many people ignore, but it is just as important as strength.

Getting the fingers and thumb strong

The rock climber’s best friend is his or her hands. They need to be very strong because they will often be found in very extreme positions and that will lead to a lot of stress being put on the fingers and thumb. It is of vital importance to strengthen every joint in the hand.

The best way to do this is by training with spring hand grippers, which offer an effective way to toughen up the skin and provide a strengthening of the curve of the human hand. They best part about hand grippers is that they are be portable and can be used anywhere, and that there are different levels that they can be used on, which follow the progression of the person as their hands get stronger.

In time, the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hand will become much stronger. However, this will not happen over night and a lot of time must be put in so that real effects of the training can be seen.

Another good method of developing hand strength is be putting two barbell plates together and then lifting them. Rest and recovery

It is of vital importance to give the body enough time to rest and restore itself after intense rock climbing training. If a person trains too much, the chances that they will injure themselves become a lot greater.

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