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Taking a closer look to the biceps

The biceps are the muscles which are located on the upper part of arms and they connect the shoulder to the elbow joint. That is why the main function of these muscles, besides a few more, is to lift, flex and turn the upper part of the arms. These movements are done a lot of the times on a daily basis and that is why these muscles are very susceptible for all kinds of the different injuries. Even more prone to be hurt are the tendons which are actually located on the spots of the connections, that is, they connect the muscular tissue to the mentioned joints, and because of that, they tend to bear really big pressure almost constantly.

Therefore, most commonly, these tendons are inflamed, strained, torn, or completely broken. The most likely to happen, and mostly because of some forceful and sudden twist, is the tear of these tendons, and there is a few kinds of this injury. Or, to be more exact, the types of the tear are actually the different grades of the severity of this condition, and, thus, they can be divided into the two large groups: the tear to some extent and the totally torn muscular fibers. But also, they could be grouped according to the spot of the injury, so, concerning that matter, there are the elbow and shoulder injuries.

At this point, it is important to emphasize that most likely to be affected by this kind of injury are the professional sportsmen (e.g. the weight lifters and handball, football and basketball players) and the elderly people, since the gradually developed rigidness of all the tendons is the normal consequence of the process of getting old.

How to deal with this kind of injury?

In order to treat the tear successfully, it is important to know that the first aid simply includes the immediate cessation of the use of this tendon. So, if one continues to exercise the lifting movements, for example, he or she will only aggravate the problem eventually. Anyway, it is easy to notice the rupture of it, since, in that moment, there is a characteristic sound and the sensation of something cracking inside the arm. Additionally, when this injury occurs, there could be the contusion on the affected spot and the increased sensitivity of that area.

When it comes to the healing process and the recovery, if the injury is minor, no intervention need to be done. Usually the medications that lower the inflammation and lessen the pain are prescribed, but, the physical therapy actually brings back the function of these tendons. Of course, in the most severe cases, the surgical intervention of simply reconnecting the tendon and the joint is performed. All in all, the healing period often lasts 14 days, more or less.

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