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Tendons are specific structures made of fibrous connective tissue. They connect muscles to bones. Similarly to any other tissue and organ in the body even tendons can get inflamed. Medical term for tendon inflammation is tendonitis. The inflammation is generally acute but may sometimes (if it frequently repeats) become a chronic problem. Chronic tendonitis usually develops as a result of repetitive injuries and overuse of certain muscles.

Wrist tendonitis is inflammation of tendons that are part of the wrist, to be more precise tendons that connect certain muscles to bones of the hand and the forearm.

Wrist Tendonitis Associated with Tendon Injury

In order for wrist tendonitis to develop one must have had a previous tendon injury. Tendons are always under some amount of stress caused by repeated muscle contraction and different movements of joints. If increase of certain activities (this particularly refers to exercises) occurs gradually, tendons may adapt to stress and suffer no injury. However, if overloaded, tendons get damaged and become inflamed. Damage can be quite severe and even lead to tendon rupture.

Wrist tendonitis is closely associated with many strenuous activities such as weightlifting, throwing, tightening bolts etc. Repetitive stress, prolonged friction and excessive stress are all factors which contribute to wrist tendonitis. The problem is usually acute and people soon recover and the affected wrist tendon completely heals. However, small scale injuries that repeat and do not heal inevitably lead to chronic wrist tendonitis.

Who is at Risk for Wrist Tendonitis?

Each and every person may end up with wrist tendonitis. Some people are genetically predisposed to the inflammation due to specific tendon composition. It is estimated that women and elderly individuals suffer more from wrist tendonitis. In case of repeated injury during the healing phase of the acute wrist tendonitis, the tendon may not heal properly and this induces chronic inflammation.

Wrist Tendonitis Prevention

The condition can be easily prevented with a little care and precaution. Stretching of the wrist tendons should remain within the optimal range. For athletes who participate in sports which include weight lifting and are associated with increased stress on the wrist joint, proper training and gradual increase of load are cornerstone of prevention against tendon injury.

Wrist Tendonitis Treatment

Patients suffering from wrist tendonitis are treated for inflammation and accompanying symptoms. It is essential for the injury to heal completely. The affected joint is supposed not to be used for certain time and once the doctor decides the person should start with physical therapy which restores all the movement of the joint and strengthens weakened muscles. Chronic inflammation requires prolonged usage of pain-relieving medications such as NSAIDs or cortisone injections.

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