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There are many activities that can trigger indication of tennis elbow (Lateral epicondylitis), and that activities are not restrained only to playing tennis. When backhand swing is played, the muscles and tendons of the elbow, can be stressed and strained and thus an injury is created known as tennis elbow. Using many types of hand tools like brush or roller or working with the chain saw that can also cause tennis elbow as well as doing anything that requires repeating the same movement of muscles of an elbow.

What parts of the elbow are affected?

The lateral epicondyle which is at the back of the elbow is hurting when tennis elbow occurs. Tendons connect muscles to the bone, the forearm muscles that bend the wrist back connect to the lateral epicondyle by tendon. Collagen is substance that, when in string package, makes tendons, and that is the reason why they are so strong. Because of that strength, when muscle works and the movement of the bone occurs.
If arm moves backwards, extensor muscles contract, and that can result in movement similar to the backhand swing in tennis.

Why do you develop tennis elbow?

The most usual cause for tennis elbow is overdoing of an elbow and its muscles and its tendons, and repeating this, or making movements like these. Such movements can place struggle on the tendons of an elbow. This is not only the case with activities in professional sport, but it can happen when picking up heavy buckets or hammering the nails, all of this can result in the pain of tennis elbow.

When injury becomes severe and and comes fast inflammatory process is on the way. Cells made in that occasion are helping the damaged flesh to heal. Even though inflammation do not happen in all the cases, degeneration of cells of tendon happens by tearing tendons. This disorder is called tendonosis because of lack of inflammation.

Collagen is missing when body produces fibroblasts in place of inflammatory cells. As the result of that tendon can crack and can be hurt lightly. whenever the collagen cracks human body creates scar tissue in that place and as time goes by tendon turns out to be reduced.
What does tennis elbow feel like?

Soreness and ache that origins from the lateral epicondyle of the elbow, reaching lower arm and fingers, is the first sign of tennis elbow. When something is held or just stretching to get something as well as bending your wrist backward or turning your palm upward pain becomes much worse.

Surgery of Tendon Debridement
Operation like this one is usually performed in case of tendonosis, and it only deals with removing the damaged tissues and cleaning the tendon.
Surgery of Tendon Release
Lateral epicondyle release is operation that is used usually. Intervention begins with the an incision along the arm, then moving soft tissue and then doctor can work on place where the extensor tendon attaches on the lateral epicondyle. Next step is to cut tendon in that place, removing scar tissue and any bone spurs and finally joining of tendon is performed with final actions. Operation can be performed with general or local, regional anesthetic so the patient doesn't need to stay in hospital over night.

After Surgery

Immobilization however must take place wright away and the process of rehabilitation, which is long process, can begin. Ice and electrical stimulation treatments along massages is just the beginning. In about two weeks after the operation more active exercises with stretching and reinforcing begins.
Six weeks after, more active workout is allowed.

Rehabilitation takes up to three months and it may pass even six month after full recovery. Counselor will advise you hove to be careful and avoid further injury.

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