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When experiences inability to become pregnant most couples, particularly women, deal with a huge stress. Trying out different therapies can be tiring and depressing especially if they do not give desired results.

Natural therapies are usually better option than conventional methods since they have no side effects.

One of the alternative therapies for treating infertility is color therapy. This kind of treatment is performed by a qualified holistic therapist who uses colors and light to heal and purify your body. Different colors heal the suppressed emotions of sadness, anger and guilt by bringing them on surface in order to be accepted. In this way a person can overcome them and be satisfied with their life again. Therapists read and treat root chakra, which is responsible being fertile. If this chakra does not function properly it can result in infertility.

The other option for conceiving baby would be taking herbal supplements.

Red Clover is traditional cure for infertility. The infusion of its blossom can be dissolved in water and consumed several times per day. It can even help women who are above 40 years to have baby.

Raspberry is another herb that can solve fertility problems. Its richness of anthocyanin pigments will treat any inflammation in body and boost immunity system

Dong Quai will help women who suffer from irregular menstrual cycles. Regular ovulation is essential to become pregnant.

Wild yam root, ho shou wu, astragalus root, part vitex berries, and false unicorn root are other options that improve ovulation among women.

In order to conceive baby you need to exercise regularly. Jogging, cycling, working out will all keep you fit and give you more energy. Yoga is highly beneficial on women. Many women who started practicing yoga regularly became more relaxed and flexible which resulted in becoming pregnant.

In order to be healthy and to improve fertility, you need to have balanced diet. Eat vegetables, fruit, nuts, fish, wholegrain cereals and bread etc.

There are certain types of food that showed negative results on women’s fertility. Refined carbohydrates are to be avoided since they affect the insulin production and thus can cause irregular menstrual cycles. Caffeine is another enemy of fertility. It affects circulation and can prevent regular blood flow into reproductive organs. Therefore try to keep away from coffee and chocolate. Other things that you need to eliminate completely from your life if you want to be pregnant and to give birth to a healthy baby are alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and drugs.

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