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If you are thinking about getting pregnant then this is the time you need to start being more self aware. You need to consider everything in your life like food, exercise, health and of course your emotional state. By making sure you are relaxed and stress free, it can contribute greatly to getting pregnant. It is important to evaluate your lifestyle and yourself physically before getting pregnant.

Planning For Your Healthy Pregnancy

The first thing you and your partner of course need to talk about and follow through with is mainly common sense. Things like putting down those cigarettes, pouring the alcohol down the sink and certainly avoid other drugs. The next thing you both need to discuss is bringing a healthy diet into the picture and a small amount of exercise just for the reduction of stress more than anything else. Looking at a little more in depth, you need to discuss with your partner about switching onto a diet of organic food. If you think about it food that is not organic, specifically meat, then think about that they are fed with extra hormones and additives. Do you really want to be pumping more hormones into your body when you’re trying to get pregnant because this can upset the whole balance of being able to get pregnant?Use of Herbs for Your Fertility

These days there are a lot of the women that are now using herbs to aid in getting pregnant. The chasteberry also known as the Vitex Agnus Castus is a common one because it stimulates the functions of the pituitary gland. Women who have been on the contraceptive pill can use this herb because it helps to balance out your natural hormone levels. This herb as been through many studies and have now been proven to assist with women who are suffering with amenorrhea, ovary irregularity, premenstrual stress, infertility, female hormonal imbalance, dysmenorrhoea, and other issues with the hormones. The Vitex Agnus Castus can also be useful for women who have irregular cycles thus giving them a better chance of falling pregnant. Dong Quai is a Chinese herb that balances the estrogen in the woman's body. It can also be used as a blood thinning agent.Herbs That You Should Not Take During Pregnancy

There is a long list of herbs that you need to avoid in pregnancy and also avoid after your ovulation in case you are pregnant. Just a few are Calamus Cascara, Sagrada Fennel Flaxseed, Mistletoe Passion Flower, Pennyroyal Wild Cherry Wormwood and Yarrow.

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