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Women are at the peak of their fertility between the age of 18 and 28. However, nowadays, marriages commonly take place much later, once both spouses have crossed over to their 40s. So, many future mothers fear that their children may suffer from health problems due to their age. Even though the risks of giving birth to an unhealthy child rise with your age, there are many herbal medicines and other techniques which can help you overcome this problem and enjoy motherhood even after you are 40.

Increase Your Fertility

Basically, the following pieces of advice can be used by all women, not just individuals older than 40. First of all, you have to learn how to manage your stress effectively. Stress is one of the main reasons behind infertility in women older than 40. Thus, learn how to deal with frustrations and life problems through yoga, meditation, organizing yourself better, balancing work and pleasure effectively etc. In fact, certain yoga poses can increase your fertility. Either way, keep in mind that you are likely to get pregnant when you are relaxed and happy than when you are stressed out.

Yet, attitude is nothing without a good nutritional support. So, eat natural, healthy food and prefer foods rich in vitamin E, since it prevents birth defects and increases fertility. this vitamin can be found in nuts, seeds and cold-pressed oils. As for other minerals and vitamins, concentrate on including green, leafy vegetables in your every dish.

Even though certain herbs may help you, tobacco is definitely not one of them. Tobacco smoking, along with alcohol consumption, decreases chances of a healthy pregnancy. Thus, you are better off without these.

Finally, being overweight and in a bad physical condition reduces your chances of having a healthy child one day. So, if you desire to be a mother, remove the excessive pounds through a healthy lifestyle and regular exercising.

Herbal Remedies for Fertility

Red clover is rich in vitamins and minerals, preparing both your body and mind for a successful conception. Yet, avoid it if you are not supposed to take blood thinners.

Additionally, false unicorn root, raspberry leaf, stinging nettle, dong quai, damiana and saw palmetto leaves all stimulate your hormones, increase your sex drive and promote ovulation, delivering many useful and healthy nutrients to your body.

Some of these herbs may do wonders in your case, while some may prove to be useless. Either way, explore and do your best to increase your fertility even after the age of 40.

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