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Why is important to have healthy bones?

Bone health is something that may benefit you or cause major problems throughout your life. Acting for benefit of your bones in your childhood and young adulthood may prevent osteoporosis and some other diseases in your later life. That makes the health of your bones a major issue considering the quality of your later life.

Osteoporosis is a condition which makes your bones fragile and susceptible to breaking and fracturing. The great importance of preventing osteoporosis is something that may recommend this text to you.

How to strengthen your bones?

The very foundations of process of strengthening your bones are two things. Calcium and physical activity based on weight-bearing during your teen years. As during this period of growing up, your bones grow rapidly and calcium intake has a large role in forming your bones, it is necessary to fully understand the importance of your bone health. The existence of many degenerative diseases that may affect bones in your later age, as a consequence, speaks for this theory.

Astragalus Root

People in China eat bone soup on a regular basis. Bone soup is a broth mixed with plenty sorts of herbs, including herb named astragalus. The main part of astragalus herb is its root. When picked, a root is separated from the rest of the herb, then unearthed and then left to dry. According to some Chinese medicine books, astragalus root is good for boosting immune system, fighting physical, and emotional stresses and fighting diseases. It is recommended to pour 3-5 tbsp. in hot water and drink as a tea.

Bu Gu Zhi Seed

As you can assumed, the most beneficial part of this herb are the seeds. Bu Gu Zhi is common Chinese treatment for osteoporosis and similar conditions. Osteoporosis is associated with hormone reduction as a consequence of aging and it is characterized by fragile and sensitive bones. Bu gu zhi seed is good choice when trying to consolidate your hormones level in order to prevent osteoporosis and many other conditions. Some of substances present in this herb act as a substitute for estrogen, the female sex hormone, very important for your bone properties. The best way to consume bu gu zhi seeds is mixing with dang gui root and shou wu root.

Red Clover Blossom

This herb has various medical uses. It is characterized by its sweet and very mildly salty taste. Red clover blossom is a very good for bone protection and blood detoxification. This preparation of this herb may be as capsules filled with its extract of flower tops or as a tea.

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