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Nearly everyone who is actively trying to conceive a baby knows that your health and lifestyle can make a huge impact on your fertility, and thus your chances of getting pregnant as soon as possible. But did you know that you can use herbs to increase your fertility? You do not need to have any kind of fertility problem to be able to use herbs, though herbal remedies may also be effective for couples struggling top get pregnant, depending on the cause of the infertility. Here are some herbal fertility promoters to help you.

Some herbs that promote fertility merely serve the health of your whole body, and therewith your fertility also. Others specifically tone the uterus and reproductive system, and there are also herbs that bring your hormones into a balance. Herbs can be enjoyed by any person who is trying to have a baby. Red clover flowers contain proteins, calcium and magnesium, and are useful in promoting a hormonal balance that can help establish pregnancy. Some naturopaths also say that these flowers can serve as an aphrodisiac! They are used as an infusion in water.

Alfalfa is highly regarded as an overall fertility promoter too. You have probably never thought about using stingy nettles as a fertility aid. Yet they are full of minerals, great for the kidneys, and strengthen the immune system as a whole. Drinking nettle tea for several months can increase fertility and bring you closer to making your wish to conceive come true. Dong quai, also called Chinese angelica root, is a well-known fertility promoting herb. For those women who have irregular periods, dong quai can help stabilize the cycle and make periods more regular. So, how can you use Chinese angelica root? Herbalists say a tincture works the best. You can make tinctures yourself or buy them commercially.

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