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Small, but Very Helpful

Chin up bars are very popular in the today's busy world. Namely, with people having less and less time tospend on their own they usually neglect their bodies and get out ofshape. Working until late, they come home only to be tired and go tosleep. Many would want to go to the gym but have no time.Fortunately, with minimal expenses, you can have a great exercisingdevice installed on any doorway in your home. These are the chin upbars. Easily installable, these will simply make you exercise a bit,each time you enter a room. Moreover, these exercises are not easyand require strength. Also, they are also very rewarding since, bylifting your entire body weight, you are bound to develop your arm,back, shoulder and abdominal muscles quickly and effectively. All youneed to do is buy the cheap bar, fixate it onto your doorway andenjoy your personal exercise system, simplistic, but extremelyeffective.

Positive Sides of Chin up Bars

First advantage of this device is itseasy installation. Being small and relatively light, you can easilypurchase it and bring it home without any complications. Then, youare free to choose whichever doorway you prefer, and make it anexercising device by installing the bar onto it. Then, you havecomplete freedom when it comes to your workout schedule, since youmay exercise whenever you like.

Secondly, as mentioned above, eventhough exercising on these may be quite hard, it is more thanrewarding. At first you may be able to perform two or three chin upsor pull ups per session. However, in time, after making exercisingyour daily routine, you will surely advance, developing your body andincreasing your strength. All this progress is achieved solely byusing your body and the chin up bar, without any other workoutrequisites. This makes it extremely practical and versatile.

Negative Sides of Chin up Bars

There are two major flaws to this,otherwise wonderful device. Firstly, the wideness of your arm grip islimited to the wideness of your doorway. This can prove to beannoying at times since, once you advance, you will want to exerciseyour back muscles more and this is best achieved by spreading yourarms more before gripping onto the bar. Then, a better choice isbuying and installing a wall chin up bar. Secondly, you need to bevery careful once you mount your doorway bar since, while you areexercising it may fall off, or damage your doorway woodwork. This maycause you injuries and additional household expenses.

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