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When it comes to the weight loss industry, it never seems to stop and amaze us with its “innovative ways” of talking about this eye-sore problem befalling quite a lot of people in today’s modern world. One of such novelty means is also Fibretrim – a weight loss “cure” in a form of drink. The people behind this miraculous new liquid invention are actually the same people who gave us Zotrim – now widely known pill, herbal in nature. When it comes to its contents, in a similar fashion to the latter weight loss solution, Fibretrim is also comprised of the three plant-extracts coming from Damiana, Guarana and Yerba Mate respectively. Besides these, it is known to have, as its active ingredient, a soluble fibre Inulin. Another relevant thing that is emphasized by its producers, and made public officially as well is that this is the single low in calories Prebiotic liquid with weight loss properties that is available on the market at this moment.

Fibretrim’s mechanism

Inulin as such is regarded as not only nutritional, but also quite a soluble fibre. What is already known and confirmed in numerous books and publications is that, when people introduce a greater amount of products rich in fiber into their daily diet, they are most likely to reach the point when they will be able to get rid of the 25 g in a single day. Yet another encouragement is that, by employing Fibretrim and more precisely the soluble fibres it contains, can aid a person ward off all those excessive kilograms more easily and even faster. The dietary fiber, which is highly soluble, has the potential to decrease the intensity of the sugar absorption by our body from various food sources, as well as bring down the unwanted blood sugar spike, which most often occurs once a person has finished his/her meal. It also holds great potentials for a proper maintenance and prevention of such processes as diabetes or metabolic syndrome from occurring.

Inulin revealed

The substance itself is known to be a member of the nutritional fibres group, and is comprised of sugar fructose. It is extracted from the roots of Chicory plant. As far as its most beneficial properties are concerned, once it finds itself inside the person’s body, it transforms into a quite effective bacteria-fertilizer, the one located in the colon itself. It could be said that, under Inulin’s influence, theintestine becomes a farm for good and beneficial bacteria.

One of the numerous research studies has discovered that the persons who took inulin fibre on a daily basis were able to boast with a loss of 2 lbs in two months, unlike people who were given a substitution in the form of placebo. The fibre in question has also proved its effectiveness in meal delivery, given the fact that intestines have no issues whatsoever when it comes to its digestion. It also provides help in keeping away from constipation, and in boosting the overall functioning of the bowel.

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